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New TPSP Tasks

Primary (K–2)

Title Grade Content Focus
What Pet Should I Get? K Science
Getting the Dirt on Soil: A Worm's-Eye View 1 Science
Stories and Telling Through Time and Cultures 1 Interdisciplinary
Amazing Animal Adaptations 2 Science
The Case of the Missing Lone Star: Exploring the Story of Texas 2 Social Studies
Hey, Little Ant 2 Science
How Does Your Garden Grow? 2 Science

Intermediate (3–5)

Title Grade Content Focus
Design a Garden 3 Science
Wildlife Protection Program 3 Science
Bridges 4 Interdisciplinary
From Surviving to Thriving on Mars: Analyzing Human Needs 5 Interdisciplinary
Impacting Ecological Stability Through Sustainability 5 Interdisciplinary
Marketing Day 5 Interdisciplinary
Texas Getaway 5 Social Studies
A World of Uncertainty 5 Interdisciplinary

Middle School (6–8)

Title Grade Content Focus
Nutritionist for a Month 6 Interdisciplinary
Terrestrial Real Estate 6 Science
Connecting Chains of Life 7 Science
Game On! 7 Math
Live Long and Prosper . . . Texas Style 7 Science
We Are the World 7 Science
Earthquakes 8 Science
Endangered Animals 8 Science
I Could DO That! 8 Interdisciplinary
Waves of Polymathy: Exploring and Applying Various Wave Properties 8 Science

High School/Exit (9–12)

Title Grade Content Focus
At Any Price: The Cost of Electronic Waste HS Interdisciplinary
Be Our Guest HS Interdisciplinary
Community Container Gardens HS Interdisciplinary
Designers at Work HS Interdisciplinary
For Real HS ELA & Reading
Just Breathe: Global Trends and the Impact on Air Quality HS Interdisciplinary
Local History Alive: Identifying a Local Historical Landmark in Need of Saving HS Social Studies
My Own Mixtape: Analyzing the Role of Self and Society HS ELA & Reading
Business Etiquette for Entrepreneurial Success HS ELA & Reading
Seeing and Shaping the World Through Art HS Interdisciplinary